All contributions can be emailed to

Unsolicited material is welcome. Sub Rosa will pay for all contributions (articles/illustrations) that appears in an issue; contributors will also receive a free copy of the issue in which their contribution appears. All contributions submitted are done so under a publishing agreement.


Readers letters are welcome on any issue relating to Ars Magica or even roleplaying more generally.

Please keep letters short, preferably fewer than 300 words. (Where necessary, letters may be edited for clarity or brevity.)


Articles of any length are welcomed from subscribers. All articles should be for Ars Magica Fifth Edition. Please do not submit work that has appeared somewhere else (e.g. a fan website) or material submitted to Atlas Games (unless you have their permission). Regular columns are welcome.

Please contact us first via email to let us know that you intend to submit an article, its rough word count and topic. Articles should be more than 500 words and less than 2000 words. Large articles may be divided over several issues.

Articles should be emailed in .doc or .rft format and not use any unusual fonts (Arial or Times only). Headings should laid out as follows

[CH] – Chapter heading

[A] – First level heading

[B] – Second level heading

[C] – third level heading

[insert] [/insert] – text box

… etc

Do not format your article (except for bold/italics).


If your article includes a bibliography, please use the following format.

Books: Name of Author(s), Name of Book, Publisher

Journals: Name of Authors(s), Name of Journal Article, Name of Journal, Publisher

Websites: Name of Author(s), Name of webpage, URL

Illustrations / Artwork

Although we accept unsolicited artwork that evokes Mythic Europe or Ars Magica, I am looking for artists and illustrators who are able to produce work for a specific article or cover art. Ability to make deadlines is essential.

Artwork should be submitted in good quality .psd or .tiff (PC) format. Electronic submission is preferred.

Publishing Agreement

By submitting your material to Sub Rosa, you grant Sub Rosa sole publishing rights for nine months. This sole publication right is from the acceptance of the content, generally a week after submission. After nine months, Sub Rosa may continue to publish and/or sell the content without further payment, but the author or artist reserves the right to publish the material elsewhere. Any material that becomes a part of an Atlas Games product is exempted from Sub Rosa’s sole publication right.

The author/artist retains copy-right and ownership of the material at all times.


All authors/artists will receive payment and a complimentary copy of the issue in which their contribution appears. Payment is determined by the number of subscribers.

Published letter writers will not receive free copies or payment.

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