Welcome to Sub Rosa

April 15, 2007

Sub Rosa is a new Ars Magica fan mazagine, released online in PDF format in quarterly editions. It is a magazine made by Ars Magica fans, for Ars Magica fans. Sub Rosa will include articles that cover all aspects of an Ars Magica saga, including new rules, virtues, flaws, spells, sagas, story seeds, short stories and more. It will also include regular interviews with the Ars Magica developer, authors and illustrators. Sub Rosa is about providing refreshing new fan-driven content for Ars Magica sagas.

Each edition will be professionally produced and emailed to subscribers in a password-protected zip file.

An example of the Sub Rosa content is available here.

This fanzine was born to fill the gap following the final edition of Hermes’ Portal, published by Eric Kouris. I owe a debt of gratitude to Eric, who, through Hermes’ Portal gave me a pathway to eventually write for Atlas Games. Hermes’ Portal was the playground for many aspiring authors of ArM5 who are now charting an exciting new course.

I hope that Sub Rosa will inspire a new generation of Ars Magica authors, and fill the gap between Atlas’ releases.

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